Hi, I'm Yasmine. I'm 16. I'm from Algeria (I bet you don't know where's that. So, just FYI it's on the north coast of Africa). I play piano but i'm not THAT good though.
In short, this blog is mostly dedicated to my role model and fave Singer/Songwriter. The beautiful and talented, one and only miss Taylor Alison Swift. 'Cause only Swifties -my other family- know how much her music and her as a person helped us get through. You can also find random stuff I like and other artist that I'm a fan of + I think I'm growing an obsession with Evanescene (I warned you).
I love you guys like I love sparkles and having the last word. And that's real love. <13
Oh btw, I speak Arabic and French too! So, don't hesitate before hitting the askbox button, I'd love to talk or help with anything. And.... I don't bite ya know :P

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